Sabrina Cat image

Sabrina was born sometime in March of 2009. (We’ll say the Ides of March.) She is very sweet and has an excellent disposition. Sabrina is excellent at hiding in plain sight. When she originally came to Books Etcetera she had a brother, Jerry, with her and at that time her name was Tom. She was very shy and seemed somewhat overshadowed by her brother. When Jerry moved on to a new home, Tom went through many changes. The least of the changes was her name. She became outgoing towards the customers and her personality flourished. Sabrina is a huge flirt and spends nights flirting with passers-by. She takes her position as store greeter seriously on most occasions, but demands time off too. Sabrina is playful and at times has a sinister streak that has sent her stalking persons with ailurophobia (fear of cats). Sabrina lives at the bookstore full time and receives much attention from the employees (whom she allows to work here) as well as animal lovers who miss their own pets.

Sabrina made it into the Ruidoso News article about pets at work. You can read it here.